When we are at home, we all want to be as comfortable and at ease as possible. Consumers in the Indian market have begun to love the affluent lifestyle of western culture. With all the online media presence where luxury stands out, people now want to adopt the same lifestyle and wish to live in the premium abode. Today, more than living in a home, there are other aspects considered while buying which are modern amenities, elegant living andrefined architecture. One such example is our very own – Kumar Privie by Kumar Properties, where luxury and modern living defines all the apartments comprising of 3, 4 and 4.5 BHK.

When a consumer decides to invest in a Luxury Home, they expect to have an unforgettable experience and surge their status symbol. Being able to live in a desirable location is a need of an hour for a lavish lifestyle. More than just living, we expect to share the experience and meet the premium living standards. This value system allows buyers to expand their social circle and meet families from same socio-economic backgrounds. Here are few factors to understand why consumers are preferring to move in branded residences-

1. Premium Lifestyle –

Buying a luxury apartment in India has become a popular trend in the real estate industry. People nowadays want to invest in a new and trendy home that will improve their quality of life. Modern aesthetic designs, panoramic views from balcony which are eye pleasing bring the luxury quotient of the premium lifestyle which the consumer is looking for.

2. Luxury Amenities –

Purchasing a premium condo requires something unique to enhance the buyer’s experience. When it comes to contemporary world class amenities, cutting-edge technologies are being used. We look for uniqueness and high style in our homes as potential buyers.Personal customization is now available to buyers of branded luxury residences. Premium buyers are looking for a property that fulfills their desire to live in opulence.

3. Brand Value –

We are hooked on noticing the minor details of the property we wish to live in. And whats better if we get to know that it has been designed by a famous Architect from Italy or France. Today, consumers have developed a brand awareness by flaunting their identity using luxury brand names as a medium. Many developers prefer to tie up with world class designers and architects to meet consumer demands and understanding the brand need.

4. Investment –

Consumers are also looking as an investment option when it comes to parking assets into real estate. Whatever the case may be, it is evident that luxury homes are a type of investment that attracts consumers who would rather invest in an exclusive and luxurious property than in banking or the stock market.

So what are you waiting for! Be ready to move in for the prefect living you are looking for!

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