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Landscape garden is a common place for the people, who are otherwise living in isolated flats, to gather and develop social relations. A place where people can relax & relieve their stress. This is a place where people can exercise, can organize recreational functions, meet different people & exchange views. A place where children can play safely & develop new friendship ties, participate in healthy competition to realize their overall limitations, realize their physical & mental abilities adding to their overall development. A well developed garden gives a clean & pollution free environment for a healthy living.

To achieve these benefits, the landscaped garden should be located prominently in a township. The trees, lawns & the flowering trees shall be selected so as to provide evergreen, colourful and a pleasant view. The trees, plants & shrubs shall be selected for variety of developed heights, shape & shades, this breaks the monotony in the view & adds to the harmony. A part of the garden can also be reserved for plants having medicinal properties or as reserved sanctuaries for varieties of spacies.

Taking into account, so many benefits of a service, the words, price, cost & maintainability get secondary place.

It is always advisable to appoint a consultant for developing the landscaped garden. All civil work shall be carried over prior to starting the work of plantation.


Instructions and specifications of the consultant shall be followed, however normal procedure of work is:

  1. Mark the layout as per the approved plan.
  2. The soil is to be excavated for a depth of 0.6 m from the final finished level for the plantation of lawn.
  3. Spread a layer of sand as bedding.
  4. Spread rounded brickbats in a layer of 0.15 m thick uniformly.
  5. Spread a layer of 0.23 m thick garden soil, as per the required levels.
  6. Mix fertilizers in the garden soil in the desired proportion.
  7. The lawn shall be planted over the levelled surface.
  8. Protect the lawn area for minimum two months initially.

For plantation of shrubs

  1. Excavate a pit of size 0.6 m x 0.6 m upto a depth of 0.9 m.
  2. Lay the sand as a bed, of 0.15 m at the bottom of the pit.
  3. A layer of 0.15 m thick, rounded brickbats shall be laid over the sand bed.
  4. Fill the remaining 0.6 m depth of the pit with garden soil & appropriate proportion of fertilizers. Water the pit. Thus the pit is ready for plantation.
  5. Protect this plantation area for minimum six to nine month.

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