Gated communities are best to raise kids

Living in a gated community has its own benefits and here are some of them –

  • Easy supervision – Living in a gated community it’s easier to supervise your kids as they are within an audible range, enabling you to keep an eye on them.
    Such community living is a great relief particularly with young children who need to be watched 24×7.
  • Easy access to facilities – Living in a gated community, you have easy access to various activities such as hobby classes, sports, schools, swimming pool and other group activities.
    These gated communities have a community center or a clubhouse where a lot of group activities such as music and art classes are organized.
    Some gated communities conduct group studies where the older children help the younger ones with their school works.
  • Availability of playmates – One of the biggest advantages of living in a gated community includes the availability of playmates of different age group. This helps in developing their social skills it means parents do not have to worry about their child spending time alone or glued to a screen.
    Hence, there are less or no chances of feeling isolated or bored.
  • Acts as a support system – Living in the presence of other families having children of their own become our support system, where you can watch each other’s kids, help each other during emergency, participate in group activity, share your experiences, and ultimately forming a stronger bond and most importantly the child grows up with the same values of neighbourhood.
  • Readily available resources and information – This one is the most important benefit of living in a gated community, it gives us access to various information about areas, medical facilities, feedbacks and about best options related to schools and other facilities.
  • Safety & security – Having security service around the clock is one biggest benefits of living in a gated community. When compared with an independent property, security is an expensive affair.
  • Celebrating together – A gated community includes residents from diverse region and religion, wherein celebrating festivals is a grand affair. This is very important for kids as they learn patience, appreciation and practice living in harmony.
  • Green living – Carpooling is an excellent step towards green living, children living here are likely to attend the same school; therefore, carpooling or arranging transportation becomes easier.
  • Negotiation & bulk Purchasing – We all know, bulk purchasing can make more economic sense than shopping individually. In a situation, if you want to arrange a hobby class for kids in your complex than you can negotiate over fees and timing as per your convenience and suggestions.

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