If we observe the development of the mankind through the history, we can say that the human race has created many new needs other than the three basic needs food, clothing, shelter.

So far as the construction industry is concerned, it is quite clear that, the industry being fulfilling the basic need of shelter; its future and responsibilities are quite high.

The houses built today, not only fulfill the purpose of a “shelter” but also fulfill many other demands of comfort, durability, and safety.

We can learn from the history of construction that, a luxury of yesterday becomes need of today and becomes an inevitable factor of tomorrow. The high precision equipments, computers, phone, video theaters are entering the houses as a luxury. These will be the basic needs of tomorrows’ houses.

Tomorrows’ houses will not remain only houses but they will contain offices, shops, hospitals, laboratories, nurseries, theaters, servant rooms’ gardens and many more things.

The future houses will require more electricity, water supply distribution inside the house. Centralised air conditioning, more efficient common services like lifts etc will become the basic needs.

The future will demand the services in many fields of engineering subjects and many skills simultaneously. Therefore the houses required in the future will demand lot many things from the town planners, designers,

builders, suppliers, contractors and the civil engineers.

Only specialized knowledge of civil engineering will not be sufficient. a civil engineer will require the knowledge and skill from many other branches of knowledge, than civil engineering.

Therefore the civil engineer will have to remain update in all fields of science and technology. a civil engineer will be simultaneously an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, an efficient manager, a trainer, a psychologist, a biologist and a mechanic having multitrade skills.

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