Every architect, engineer, planner has to think of the disposal of various wastes generated in the townships.High rising residential & commercial building complexes are being constructed in upcoming metropolitans, increasing the density of population. Change in life styles are demanding more hygienically well packed goods and the inevitable plastic containers. The ‘Use And Throw’ type psychology has become popular in all consumables because of fast city life. This, obviously is increasing the garbage in Metropolitans.

All these factors are exerting great pressure on collection and hygienic disposal of garbage. The collection of garbage at every single unit (flat, shop, hotel, theatre etc.) and at townships, small localities, and the networking of the collecting systems is becoming very much difficult.

A partial solution to this problem can be achieved by segregating wet and dry garbage at the collection points itself; and then utilizing the wet garbage for producing manures.

If the waste is classified in the following manner, it helps to design the proper disposal systems.

Type of wasteRecommended treatment
1) The liquid waste (from toilets, W.C.’s)Drainage network with sewage treatment plant

2)    The solid waste

a)    Dry garbage

b)    Wet garbage


Garbage disposal systems Vermiculture system

The recommended treatment plants are discussed, in brief, in following chapters :

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