Development of a project involves the establishment of the necessary services supportive to the main structure.

Therefore some of the development activities are required to be carried out before the main project starts. In the same fashion, some development activities are carried out simultaneously as per the progress of the project. Some activities are such that, those can be executed only after the completion of the project. These development works not only give the service but also add to the beauty, security, value & saleability of the main project.

As per the necessity of the main project, the sequence and the interdependence of the works shall be decided before hand. This helps to avoid the failure of various services to maintain their serviceability The planned sequence of the development works helps to reduce the cost of the works as well as the cost of repetitive works and saves time.

The pre-decided sequence of development works as per the necessity of the project is usually as given below.

  • Access road
    • Access to the project
    • Access for the individual units & buildings.
  • Confirming & demarcating the boundaries of the land.
  • Contour & plane table survey.
  • Constructing boundary walls / fencing.
  • Cleaning & leveling of the land, for deciding the location for site office, cement godown, steel yard, water storage tank & network of streetlight, labour camp, water supply arrangement & security cabin etc.
  • Water supply arrangement
  • Temporary water supply for the construction & labour camp.
    • Permanent water supply arrangement.
  • Electricity supply arrangement
    • Temporary arrangement for the construction purpose.
    • Permanent arrangement.
  • Drainage arrangement
    • Temporary arrangement for labour camp & for the staff & visitors.
    • Permanent arrangement.
  • Services for communication (i.e. telephone ducting).
  • Clubhouse consisting of following (If planned and specified)
    • Gymnasium
    • Jacuzzi bath
    • Steam & sauna bath
    • Billiards room
    • T.T.Room
    • Squash court
    • Cards room
    • Carom room
    • Balling alley
    • Skating rings
    • Cafeteria
    • Recreation hall
    • Dancing floor
    • Tennis court,
    • Badminton court
    • Basketball court.
    • Golf putting
    • Jogging Track
    • Children’s play park
    • Amphi Theater
    • Swimming pool
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Intercom system
  • Solar water heating system
  • Rain water harvesting system
  • Garbage disposal system
  • Internet connections
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Parking
  • Vermiculture system
  • Local transport
  • Fire fighting system
  • Lifts & Elevators
  • Generator
  • Reticulated gas supply system
  • Overall security system
  • Schools, Temples, Dispensary, etc.
  • Essential commodities shopping.
  • Any other amenities.

After going through the list of development works, everybody will understand that the serviceability of all the amenities, depends on the foresight in the project planning, monitoring of the planning during the execution of the works. The engineer at site shoulders the prime responsibility during all this development at site.

Development works require efficient co-ordination of the management, consultants, local authorities, contractors & many other parameters. The time duration for development works is sometimes more than, that of the main project.

Therefore it is very essential to decide, maintain & document the total flow of technical information till the end of the project.

The well-documented technical information helps the successive changed staff to maintain the continuity of the progress of work as planned. These documents also help in maintaining all the services in the desired conditions.

The timely maintenance of all these services lead to the ultimate aim of customer satisfaction. The feed back from the users of these amenities & the information collected during the execution of the works, adds more to experience & foresight of the engineers. This helps them to take on the further works in the spirit of continual improvement.

The detailed procedures of executing some peculiar development works are highlighted hereafter.

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