Kumar Properties to take responsibility and contribute efforts towards our social and environmental wellbeing. It runs across different parts of Pune, in order to bring in the necessary change and support for the society. This overwhelming initiative acts as a stepping stone towards building a social group that will work for the betterment of our people. ‘R’ Drive closely works to ensure a fair share for every living being. Our driving statement is, “Value Life. Value Happiness.”

Team at Kumar Properties visited the Anaath Ashram at Tukai Tekdi in Hadapsar and distributed sports shoes to all the 110 kids from 1 to 15yrs age and clothing for the aged - about 25 adults residing at the ashram.

Our team spent the day with games and fun activities and sumptuous snacks. Team also donated kilos of grains, notebooks & stationery to the Ashram.

Team also distributed shoes in the labour camp with snacks.